Video Case Study: Autonomous Driving - A Mobility Revolution

Fill in the form below to view the case study from Helge Neuner, Head of Automated Driving for Group Research at Volkswagen. In his case study, puts the spotlight on the impact autonomous vehicles have and how their adoption will shape our future understanding of mobility.

video case studyabout autonomous driving in China

What lies ahead of us in regards to autonomous driving in China and globally? What trends will shape the mobility concepts in the years to come?

Dr. Helge Neuner worked in many different positions in Electrics and Electronics development division of Volkswagen brand and from 2008 in Volkswagen Group Research. He held leading positions and was responsible for Information Architecture and Human-Machine-Interaction.

In his latest case study Autonomous Driving – A Mobility Revolution explains the current challenges the automotive industry is facing right now.

Watch the video case study and find out about:

  • Changing mobility
  • Functional Challenges
  • Setting up a resilient system
  • Verification & Validation

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