Case Study: Next Stage Deployment Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles

Watch the deployment scenarios for autonomous vehicles case study presented by Sven Beiker (Silicon Valley Mobility).

Dr. Sven A. Beiker is the Founder and Managing Director of Silicon Valley Mobility, a consulting and advisory firm serving startups, venture / consulting firms, and corporations to understand trends in mobility. In addition to his consulting business, he is a lecturer at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University where he instructs students on strategies for startups and corporations in the field of automated, connected, electrified, and shared mobility.

His case study on ‘Next Stage Deployment Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles’ is comprising:

  • Timelines, Forecasts & Differences in Passenger, Public-use, Service & Commercial Vehicles, Maas, Privately owned & Platoon Models
  • Technical Feasibility & Required Service Architectures
  • Cost Implications from a Manufacturing & Owner/User Perspective


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