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May 06 – 07, 2019 | Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao, China

五月6日至7日 I 上海虹桥元一希尔顿酒店

Tech.AD is the award-winning, global business event series for OEMs & T1s working on technical challenges for vehicle automation L4+. Join the Leading Autonomous Driving Race in China!
The Automotive Tech.AD China is Asia's leading knowledge exchange platform bringing together 150+ stakeholders who are playing an active role in the vehicle automation and autonomous driving scene. Testing & Validation, Sensor Fusion, Deep Driving, Operational Safe Systems, Cognitive Vehicles, Software Architectures & much more. Join Tech.AD and discuss your roadmap for vehicle automation. Discover the next era of vehicle automation – Now!
Automotive Tech.AD China 是亚洲领先的知识交流平台,将聚集 150 多个活跃于汽车自动化领域的相关方。会议将有 150 多位与会者出席,包括工程师、产品经理、高级驾驶员辅助系统 (ADAS) 专家、车辆控制、动力学底盘系统主管人员、V2X 与传感器融合工程师、软件开发人员、机器学习大师级人物、模拟以及功能安全专家.

Highlights Tech.AD China 2019 I 主题演讲亮点

Event at a glance


The Premier Automated Vehicles Event in China!

Our mission:

  • Be an active part of the autonomous driving & automated reality
  • Explore how vehicle automation will change technology concepts, architectures, software platforms, ADAS, sensor fusion further technical requirements
  • Discuss the challenges of AI supported, cognitive cars in regards to complexity and penetration of in-vehicle infotainment systems and ADAS
  • Discover latest trends in sensor and perception technology and insights into environmental models and sensor fusion concepts
  • Cover the full scope of vehicle automation from the market leaders & new market players
  • Approach new technical challenges and disruptive technologies

Where else in China can you find hundreds of projects and vehicle automation budgets under the same roof?

Get involved as a business partner as our events are a one-stop-shop opportunity to promote autonomous driving thought-leadership and get face-to-face with over 150 key prospects. The Automotive Tech.AD offers the best in class opportunity to introduce yourself as a thought leader to ADAS and automation executives.

The 2.5 day event is a unique combination of

  • 35+ Speakers & Inspirational Keynotes
  • 25+ hours of trends and innovation
  • 5+ World Café Sessions, 5+ Challenge Your Peers Sessions and 3+ Icebreaker Sessions
  • 1 Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Auto Scale Start-Up Lounge
  • 2 Evening Networking Events
  • And much, much more…

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Not sponsors. The Automotive Tech.AD is a unique event in the business & technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support our them to reach their targets and inspire innovation.

Position your business as a thought leader at the Automotive Tech.AD and become a partner today!

Perfect event to gain insights and improve my network.
Oliver Rumpf-Steppat
Head of Product Requirements, Development and Connected Drive, BMW USA
The interaction at the workshops sets this conference apart from others and gives the participants the opportunity to discuss topics directly with the experts.
Gary Streelman
Director Advanced Engineering & New Concepts, Magneti Marelli
Well-organized and fantastic.
Sagar Behere
Senior Manager Systems Engineering, Toyota Research Institute
It has been a great conference and hope I have a chance to attend the one next year!
Wesley Shao
Principal Architect, Baidu
Engaging discussions on pertinent technical topics shared at an appropriate depth for a broad audience.
Andre Welch
Automotive Safety Rulemaking and Policy Manager, Ford Motor Company
This event was very well planned and engagement level was high. Rich in content and collaboration.
Kazi Ahamed
Senior Infrastructure Architect, GM
I enjoyed the many relevant technical presentations and made good use of the opportunities to discuss common problems with the other participants.
Gregory Baratoff
Vice President, Driver Assistant Systems, Hyundai Mobis
Much more interactive than traditional conferences – better engagement between attendees
Andrew Whydell
Vice President, Product Planning, Vehicle Systems, ZF
The best technical show for vehicle automation I have seen so far.
Mark Steigemann
Lead Architect & Manager Product Architecture Group for Driver Assistance, NXP
There are a lot of AD events at the moment in the market – but the Tech.AD is by far the most exciting one!
Aravind Ratnam
Director of Product Management, Connected Auto, Wind River
Autonomous Vehicle China Event agenda

Key Topics 2019

AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Driving & Cognitive Vehicles

  • What are state of the most state of the art algorithms for computer vision and machine learning?
  • What role will Deep Neural Networks (DNN) have in future self-driving cars and what will the associated challenges of this be?
  • What are the implications of machine learning for functional safety?
  • What level of traceability is possible with neural networks?
  • How much real-time data and decision logs can we access?
  • Can we really implement end-to-end learning or is it better use hybrid approaches?
  • What are the key challenges in AI and perception technologies for autonomous vehicles?
Autonomous Vehicle China Event agenda

Key Topics 2019

Sensor Fusion, Sensor & Perception Technologies, Imaging Systems, Radars & Computer Vision

  • Which kind of sensors provide the most value?
  • How to push hard for cost optimization without comprising safety?
  • Do we need deep learning for sensor fusion?
  • Can radar sensors replace ultra-sonic sensors completely?
  • Which sensors are most suitable for data fusion in close range?
  • Which combinations of sensors will be required for robust machine perception in HAD?
  • To what extent are high resolution maps required for offering context information for scene understanding?

Key Topics 2019

Autonomous Vehicle Software Architectures, Deep Learning Architectures, Highly Scalable Architectures & AV Platforms

  • How far can vehicle architectures solve the functional safety need for autonomous vehicles?
  • What are the challenges to step from fail-safe to fail-operational architectures as a foundation of machine learning systems in autonomous vehicles?
  • What is the case for a flexible fusion architecture?
  • How to understand the system architecture for automated driving and scale up system architectures?
  • What are the challenges in development and testing of fail-operational automated driving architectures?
  • What are the newest concepts, challenges, use cases & game changers to the new AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles?

Key Topics 2019

Virtual & Real Life Testing, Validation & Simulation

  • To what extent do edge cases define the development of autonomous vehicles?
  • Which test cases can we cover with simulation and which not?
  • Will virtual kilometers (simulations, HIL/SIL) be accepted as an industry validation method?
  • What can we learn from the latest research in advanced, large-scale testing of autonomous vehicles and validation methods?
  • What are the challenges behind using synthetic data for validation?

Key Topics 2019

Autonomous Shuttles, Commercial Vehicles, Trucking Automation, Platooning & Deployment

  • What are the key challenges in Cybersecurity of Autonomous Vehicle Platooning?
  • What are the different control algorithms?
  • How do different wireless technologies perform in high-density truck platooning achieved with vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications?
  • What results and challenges do we see from the early deployment of autonomous shuttles and autonomous platoons?
  • What data is already being collected, what data is missing and what are future research requirements?

Key Topics 2019

Safety & Security: Active Safety, Functional Safety, Operational Safety & Safety-Critical Systems, Embedded Systems & Cybersecurity

  • In what areas are ISO 26262 insufficient for autonomous driving?
  • Does SOTIF fully close the gap where ISO 26262 is insufficient?
  • How to achieve functional safety for autonomous vehicles?
  • How can we ensure functional safety with AI and machine learning?
  • What do we still need to do to achieve functional safety for deep learning algorithms?

Key Topics 2019

V2X, V2V & Connected Vehicle Technologies

  • How can we leverage V2V and V2Cloud communications to automate trucks?
  • What can we learn from this for autonomous passenger vehicles?
  • How will 5G drive and accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles?
  • What new opportunities will 5G create for autonomous driving?
  • What current challenges on the road to level 5 could 5G resolve?
  • What information could now be transferred through V2V with the support of 5G and how can it be used in the processing of data collection from machine learning, sensors etc?

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Taking Place at

Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao, China


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